Inspiration, Help and Gratitude

May we all be inspiration more than we seek it. Give help more than we need it.

And express gratitude rather than keep it.

~ Cory Booker


Who inspires you? Who do you hope to inspire? For me, I'm inspired by some of the people I work with who are in the truest sense of the word "survivors". I hope to be an inspiration to others seeking to find their path in the world.

Who have you helped and who has helped you along the way? I'd like to think I have helped my colleagues and friends with my sage advice! They have helped me as well, and I have been so lucky to have had many mentors and guides during my journey.

What are you grateful for? So many things!! My health, my family and friends, and my spirit are most important. Right after that is that I get to see the ocean every day.

I want to hear your responses! Please be in touch with me