It's GROW Time!

It's back to school time, or back to reality time for those of us who have been in "summer mode" for several months. For me, it's back to the Big Questions!

This time the question is: How do you want to grow? Where would you like to create change, or create something new, or expand your horizons?

I've thought of a way to conceptualize this and I hope you'll try it as you work on your growth areas:

G = GOAL = where you want to be

R = REALITY = where you're at right now

O = OPTIONS = paths to your desired goal

W = WILL = your commitment to follow the path

You can use this as a template or guide in identifying where growth can happen. I hope you will, and I wish you luck along the way!

If you would like help in figuring out a growth plan, please be in touch with me.