Tacos Can Cure Anything

Today did not start out well. As I left the house to head to my appointment in the city, I stepped in dog poop. When I got to the train station, I realized I had forgotten my cell phone. I put 4 out of 5 quarters in the parking meter before it jammed, causing me to have to get back in the car and move it to another spot with a working meter. And, walking to the train station from the car, a bird pooped on me. I kid you not!

The funny thing was, I didn't freak out about any of it. I actually said out loud (to myself, though perhaps some of the other people waiting on the platform heard me), "I am not going to let any of this ruin my day." And I didn't. Though I had some moments of anxiety, thinking of calls and texts I might be missing, I spent the ride into the city reading and looking out of the window, able to focus without the distraction of the small screen in my hand.

When I got to my destination- lunch with an old friend- I told her the story of my "challenges." She laughed and promptly said she was paying for lunch! The day got a lot better after that.

When I got home, I saw that there were indeed some calls and texts waiting for me, but on the whole, it was a quiet day and nobody missed me too much. I'm so happy I didn't let any of the morning's mishaps get the better of me. And I'm so happy I ordered the tacos. Tacos can cure anything!