Five Ways to Kill Your Dreams

I took a break last week to watch some TED talks (and hopefully find some new blog ideas!). I came across this one from Bel Pesce, a Brazilian entrepreneur, who talks about paths to success. Her clever title, Five Ways to Kill Your Dreams, has these takeaways:

  • Believe in overnight success: while some people's ideas may take off right away, for most it's a long journey to hitting the big time. Be patient!
  • Believe someone else has all the answers: they don't. Trust your intuition!
  • Believe that you should settle for "okay": it's YOUR dream- make it perfect!
  • Believe the fault is someone else's: when things go wrong, take responsibility!
  • Believe that all that matters is the goal: part of the experience- a big part of it- is the journey. Enjoy it!


Pesce says that we should use every step we take- even those that make us trip and sometimes fall- as a learning experience.

Here's to keeping your dreams alive!