To Be a Good Leader, Bring the (Com) Passion

Great leaders don't just possess smarts and directorial qualities. They also need compassion, for themselves and others. In this great blog for The Boda Group, Chris Charyk presents these seven qualities of compassionate leaders:

  • Adaptability: reacting to change and instability with a calm and understanding approach
  • Authenticity: words and actions are reflective of stated values
  • Focus: self-awareness enables the ability to concentrate on priorities
  • Connection and collaboration seeking: looking for feedback and support from their network and others
  • Tolerance for mistakes: understanding and openness about their own and other's imperfections
  • Balance: maintaining a healthy attitude toward work and the need for the well-being of themselves and others
  • Humor: keeping perspective on situations and not being too serious


How do you measure up?

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