What Exactly Do You Do?

My mother used to tell people that I was a sociologist. I wasn't. I was a health educator. But I did have a degree in Sociology, so that's where she got the idea that I was a sociologist.  Oh well... As time went on, she told people I took care of breast cancer patients.  I didn't. I worked for a breast cancer organization that provided information to women with breast cancer. Which, I guess, means that I took care of breast cancer patients...

Now I'm a consultant, and I think it's easy for my mother to say, "She's a consultant" when asked.  But when they follow up with, "What kind of a consultant?" it probably gets interesting.  Because, sometimes, even I have a hard time answering that question.

Nonprofits, especially smaller organizations like the ones I have often worked with, have diverse needs in a variety of categories: capacity-building, leadership, governance, development, and many other areas of growth and change. There is no "one size fits all" approach to what I do, because the needs change from organization to organization, and even during engagements, things can change.  It's never boring!

So, Mom, please tell your friends that I'm a consultant who helps organizations reach their potential, by providing them with guidance and support as they grow. Because that's what I do best.

You can reach me at ewoolfe@intuitionconsult.com. I'm looking forward to speaking with you!