What's Next?

Here we are in December, after a year of Big Questions. This month, I’m starting a series of posts which will continue through 2019, focusing on change and transition.

I myself am in the midst of change and transition, having decided to become the interim leader of one of my client organizations for the next several months, while they search for a permanent leader. This is a big change for both me and the organization. This type of transition can be both scary and invigorating, and I am excited at the prospect of helping this group navigate a new phase of existence.

This opportunity has reinforced for me that change can be good. For myself, shaking up my consulting practice by taking on this responsibility is taking me into new territory. And for the organization, there’s a whole new world of possibility involved with a leadership change.

Stay tuned for more about my experience, and insights into change and transition. And please let me know What’s Next for you.

Happy holidays!