Thank You Very Much

In early December, I sent out a small gift to my current, past and (hopefully) future clients, along with a "Season's Greetings" card.  I was surprised as the weeks went by and I did not receive more than a couple of messages of thanks from the recipients.  Actually, I was shocked. But when I told some of my colleagues about my experience, they weren't surprised at all. It seems there is an epidemic of ingratitude going around. Over the holiday break, I reflected on this trend and its ramifications for organizations sending out their year-end appeals.  This has become an expected part of end-of-year activities for both donors and organizations. But I'm wondering what happens now- in January- when all the donations have been received and tallied. How many of these organizations are going to turn around and express their gratitude? How will they articulate their thanks? It should be the most important part of the fundraising strategy, but if this "culture of ingratitude" is as established as it appears, what does this mean for fundraising?

Let's change the culture. Let's begin the year with an "attitude of gratitude" and let's encourage this attitude to spread through our professional and personal lives. Let's not miss an opportunity to thank someone for a kindness, a gift, or an expression of support. Let's make sure that our family, friends, mentors, and especially donors feel appreciated.

Thank you very much!

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